How to design your personal brand

A screenshot of a Canva template for a brand moodboard highlighting a central image, four colors, a heading and body font.
Get this free Canva template in Lesson Two!

Ugh, branding. We need to have a serious conversation about your brand.


Your “brand” will evolve. Your brand will emerge through the actions you take, the services you craft, the feedback, reviews, and testimonials you will receive.

You don’t make your brand.

Your brand is born. And it’s a messy process that requires growth, nurturing, and letting go of control a little bit.

So we don’t even talk about it in Get Online, Witch! – Instead we talk about “bandaid branding” and learning to develop a sense of the moods, colors, fonts and styles you like that you in turn want to use to represent yourself.

Stop wasting time trying to brand yourself because you’re scared to show up in the world. Pick a color. Pick a font. Move the fuck on.

Bandaid Branding is lesson two inside Get Online, Witch – the 100% free, always open, mini-course that takes you from overwhelmed to online.

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