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You made it, !

What you do next… is up to you.

Where you go next… is up to you.

And I am here to help however I can.

I go live once in a while for a Q&A – pop into the community and drop your questions. Or, if you want more direct support, take a look at what we’re doing over at The Fiery Well: the tech support space and business community just for witches.

Is this the end of Get Online, Witch?

Nah. The course will always be maintained and updated with the most relevant information, language, and functionality available.

All lessons will remain open and available to you to reference at any time. I’ll let you know if there are any awesome updates to the course materials! In the mean time… keep me posted with what you’re working on, where you’re at, and how this course & community can best serve you.

Your feedback is appreciated!

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