Bonus Content

Crown yourself – you completed module four!

How does it feel to have a bit of a content plan or even a strategy of sorts? At the least, a narrowing down of the content you need vs the content that can wait?

Well, here are a few other things to consider about that whole content thing…

Tip: Organizing Your Content

I like to use ClickUp to plan, organize, and visually lay out all of my content. From mind maps to kanban boards to due dates and reminders… it’s a handy and free tool to keep on top of your content plan.

Psst… I’ve even got a free template you can use to get started.

Want my whole content strategy and walk through? Join The Fiery Well and check out the recorded workshop, even more detailed template, and join us on Discord for discussions!

Bonus: Build your Email List through Blogging

Putting a “Sign Up for Newsletter” form somewhere on your website, is good. Having a sign up form in context, in relation to the content you are creating, is better.

In other words, you should have a “sign up” box on your blog posts, in addition to anywhere else on your site. Why?

Because when someone signs up for your newsletter, let’s say, from a sign up box on your post about “Gardening Under the Moon” they are pre-qualifying themselves as your ideal audience. They’ve read your content, like it, and want more. That is an invaluable subscriber. Treat them well!

And, if you can immediately reward your subscriber, do so!

Let’s continue with the “Gardening Under the Moon” blog post idea. When they sign up from that post, why not send them a list of new moon/full moon dates, or a ritual that you perform when planting, or another tip that didn’t make it into the blog post.

(To do this logistically: you would need a specific form for your list, with a specific “welcome” email attached to it. ConvertKit provides a walkthrough on their site for this.)

Now, not only did they sign up because they were interested, but they were immediately rewarded for their interest with more content, that was connected to the content they liked!

Patty, you say, that sounds like a lot of work.

Yep, content is hell. And I do not, in any way, do this for every blog post. I do this for specific posts, when I want to gain a specific type of subscriber. (And I reuse incentives whenever possible so I don’t have to keep making them. Look to your content categories we just made. What’s an incentive you could make that would work for any post in one of those categories? Make that.)

Bonus: What Content You LEGALLY Need

You are pretty much legally required to have a Privacy Policy on your website, these days. With added legal crap if you …

Whether you meet the requirements or not to have to adhere to these laws, it’s just good practice to tell folks what data you collect from them and what you do with it. Are you sharing their information with someone else? Tell them.

Don’t think you’re collecting someone’s information or sharing it? Think again.

Ways you are collecting and/or sharing information:

  • Your Newsletter
  • Analytic Software
  • Third-party plugins
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Forms
  • eCommerce
  • Payment Processors
  • Interactive Maps
  • Memberships
  • Courses
  • etc.

Privacy Policies need to be UP TO DATE at ALL TIMES. And Termageddon is our #1 choice for this – you fill out the form, and they handle the rest, including updating your policy pages as needed. The Contract Shop is great for static legal templates like contracts… but we’ve found Termageddon to be the best solution for privacy and cookie policies for your website.

And if you have Google Analytics, Pinterest, Facebook Pixel, or anything that puts a tracking “cookie” on your website, you need one of those fucking annoying EU Cookie Banners on your site, too.

I am not a lawyer. I am a web developer. I can’t advise you on the legal language that goes into a Privacy Policy or even where is the best place to get one that works best for you… I can just let you know you need one. Please consult an actual lawyer!