April 14, LIVE Q&A

Bringing back #WebsitesForWitchesWednesday​ … maybe. A quick IG Live about accessibility. For more (and far better) information please refer to actual accessibility experts (that I also am learning from) Whatever you do… ** DO NOT USE Accessibe ** on your website. From Overwhelmed to Online in 5 Lessons Transcript Got one really good question today. … Read more

How to design your personal brand

Ugh, branding. We need to have a serious conversation about your brand. STOP TRYING TO BRAND. Your “brand” will evolve. Your brand will emerge through the actions you take, the services you craft, the feedback, reviews, and testimonials you will receive. You don’t make your brand. Your brand is born. And it’s a messy process … Read more

Beta Launch

Update: We are live! If you’re reading this, then you’ve reached the site during a soft, or beta, launch. Get Online, Witch! is up and active, but things are in the process of being finalized. You’re welcome to pop into the forums now, go through the course material, and more. But not everything is up … Read more