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Get Online, Witch!

From Overwhelmed to Online – In 5 Easy to Follow, Fun as Fuck, Lessons

A no nonsense approach to getting started online:
no experience required.

Oh, yeah… it’s FREE!

One Lesson Unlocks Every Day

Written by a seasoned web developer and fellow witch, Get Online, Witch! is five easy to follow lessons that properly prepare you craft your first web presence. Once unlocked, all lessons remain open as a resource for you to return to at any time.

lesson 1:
What’s in a name?

Let’s find out just what is so important about your name and where you need to have it.

lesson 2:
Bandaid Branding

Branding is crucial to your online presence… but it isn’t what you think it is.

lesson 3:
Long Live Email

Is email really dead? Hint: the answer is hell no.

lesson 4:
Content is royalty

Content is hell. Let’s break it down like a tarot deck.

lesson 5:
Build it and they will…

Where do you put everything? Well, it depends…

What previous students have to say…

The course has been really motivating and inspiring, and I’ve enjoyed the exercises! They break things down into simple, easy steps, and the provided resources and printables have been great for staying organized. – Meryl S.

Magic set RTE

The content is broken down in a really easy to understand and approachable way. Building a website for my business has been intimidating me for over a year and this has been so simple to follow. – Suzy A

Magic set RTE

It is helping me to finally take action re: my virtual presence, it has a LOT of helpful resources, and it’s so inspiring! Tinkering with fonts and color palettes, researching about names… I’m having so much fun! – Sara V

Magic set RTE

Patty, a practicing witch, sits on a bed with her arms up in the air, a smile on her face, and a look that says: this is what you get.

By a witch, just for witches.

Hey, I’m Patty Ryan Lee, the tarot reader, web developer and witch behind The Fiery Well, LLC, the only business and tech support space just for witches.

Get Online, Witch! was developed as a way to help witches get organized & get online. To help you to stop relying on (and risking everything to) social media alone. From best practices for naming your website to learning how to make decisions quickly, and effectively, to stop wasting time and get yourself online. Now!

Are you ready? It’s time to…

Get Online, Witch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this free?

Because everyone should have free access to the basics, and yet so many DIY website courses don’t cover them!

How is this free?

Affiliate marketing. Yes, the links to various services inside this course are affiliate links. And they are the same services I use for, recommend, and support inside The Fiery Well. No, I do not recommend a certain Host that is Blue for WordPress.

I already have a website. Do I need this course?

If you’re here… you need it. It’s worth your time to go through the lessons and see if maybe you need more support and guidance inside The Fiery Well.

Do I have to complete this course to join The Fiery Well?

No, but I highly recommend it. If you don’t like this course and my style… you won’t like being inside The Fiery Well. The Fiery Well is for you when you are ready to take your online presence, and your service-based business, to the next level.

Are you available to answer questions?

I go live for a Q&A session once in a while. If you’re looking for direct, custom, one on one support, that is available to members of The Fiery Well. Join today.